Classification and Compensation

ECI's primary service is classification and compensation studies. In the public sector, this type of study is a well-accepted method to assure that salaries are set in a manner which are internally equitable and externally competitive. The process involves distributing individual or group position information questionnaires to each employee and then interviewing individuals to assure a good understanding of job content. Next, the firm determines an appropriate classification for the type of work being performed, provides a preliminary title, and then prepares a job description (classification description) to identify duties and requirements for each classification. Once the client has the opportunity to provide feedback, the firm identifies an external market of comparable organizations and performs a study of benchmark classifications to determine where the client stands in relation to the agreed-upon market. The firm then recommends a salary range for each classification based on the market and internal relationships within a family of classifications. The client has the choice of determining internal equity using a job evaluation approach (job evaluation pricing) or a market driven approach using whole job ranking by job families.

These types of studies can be performed as a classification study, a compensation study or a combination of the two.

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