We specialize in providing human resources and consulting services to public and private sector organizations throughout the United States. We provide a variety of products to assist our clients in the management of its most valuable resource, its employees.
Classification and Salary Studies Salary Surveys
Built on 31 years of experience and hundreds of classification and salary studies... more We have developed an effective method to conduct base salary surveys and total compensation surveys tailored to our client's specific markets... more
Job Evaluation Programs Organizational Planning & Development
We provide our own Standardized Point Factor System, The Ewing Factor System and Customized Point Factor Systems... more Considering the economic climate today, our clients turn to our organization planning expertise... more
Human Resources Policies and Procedures Seminars and Workshops
ECS consults with clients on a wide range of HR policies and practices... more We offer our popular Classification and Compensation seminars tailored to the education industry and the public sector. We offer both an introductory and advanced class... more
HR Audit  
Review of the practices and policies in a Human Resources department.  
Publications / e-Books  
We provide extensive e-Books of Job Descriptions for the education industry and public sector... more